From Changemaking Communities to Cost-Efficient Solar Kits

 - Jul 31, 2013
Seattle, Washington is the largest city in the American Pacific Northwest, and thanks to help from the Washington State House of Representatives, which in 2012 became the tenth state government to recognize businesses with a goal of social impact with special status, the Evergreen State is poised to help social entrepreneurship flourish.

In addition to a focus on sustainable business in Seattle-area schools such as Bainbridge Graduate Institute, Seattle, as the largest of the Pacific Northwest's three liberal-leaning, social innovation-focused three cities, along with Portland, and San Francisco, has the potential to be the center of the regions social business push. Thanks to an experienced tech community and the ever-presence of social innovation buzzwords, Seattle has the chance to emerge as a leader in social business as exemplified in the "Emerald City" social enterprises and incubators we have covered so far.