Snohomish Soap Company is All-Natural and Altruistic

 - Feb 27, 2013
Founded in 2012 in Snohomish, Washington, the Snohomish Soap Company makes organic handmade soap, and is one of seven companies recently chosen from over 60 applicants to work under Fledge, a social enterprise incubator in Seattle. Snohomish was founded by Cindy Todd, who was looking for a creative way to support her family after the economic recession left her unemployed, and now that they are on their feet, Todd is dedicated to employing stay-at-home mothers to make the soap.

The Snohomish Soap Company is dedicated to keeping its soaps "pure, essential, and beautiful," and distributes its soap through a women-powered manufacturing network. Inspired by the beauty of the world, Snohomish aims to capture this in their products by using essential oils and all-natural ingredients.

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