- Feb 24, 2015
Sustainable beauty packaging is becoming increasingly common, as an ever-growing stable of beauty and cosmetic manufacturers have realized the benefits of going green and creating eco-friendly packaging for their products. While the cosmetics industry has long taken flak for creating products that don't keep Mother Nature in mind, this has been changing rapidly in recent years.

What's most heartening about these examples of eco-friendly and green-focused cosmetic packaging is that they do not compromise on appearance. This is important as it will encourage more cosmetics manufacturers to follow an eco-friendly route when it comes to packaging. In fact, these recycled, upcycled, biodegradable and generally green-friendly packaging examples often bear a rustic and minimalistic look that has become increasingly appealing to consumers.

Beauty packaging has to beautiful, but manufacturers also have a responsible to adopt packaging processes that are as eco-friendly as possible, and these examples show that there are many creative ways to go about doing so.

From Bamboo Blush Cases to Spherical Wooden Perfumes: