ZAO Makeup Strikes a Balance Between Sustainability and Style

 - Feb 23, 2015
References: zaomakeup
Cosmetic cases are often as stylish as the product it contains, which is where ZAO Makeup fits in. This brand is not only stylish, however, put also incredibly sustainable. For its compact blush, the case is made out of beautiful bamboo. This ZAO Makeup case can be reused over and over again since the company sells easy refills to cut on cost and the impact on the environment.

Since ZAO Makeup's slogan is, 'The essence of nature,' it is only fitting that nature be taken into account when it comes to its products. This sense of responsibility works twofold in that people who prefer healthy and organic ingredients will associate the two together with ZAO Makeup's beauty products. It is hard not to thanks to the natural look of the bamboo material.