From Tea-Infused Complexion Boosters to Powdered Gold Facial Treatments

 - Jan 29, 2016
Skin care masks can be an either cheap or luxe way of pampering the face. Treatments can also be very varied, from anti-aging to antibacterial acne fighters. Usually done a few times a week or as part of a special event, the mask is usually kept on for a short amount of time in between cleansing and hydrating steps.

Many women choose to make their own skin care masks, often using food items they have at home. Ingredients in such DIY beauty products might include oats, matcha green tea, mint or seasonal produce.

Even more luxurious treatments can have simple and edible ingredients, including the luxe honey masks from Tata Harper. More high-end materials might extend to powdered gold, serum-infused lace or even smartphone-synced reusable masks.

Sheet masks are also increasingly popular, especially in the East.