This Sheet Mask Set Includes Cures to Brighten, Hydrate and Lift the Skin

Dubbed The Seoul Trio Collection, this sheet mask set from The Skin Lounge is made up of cloth and gel masks that are infused with serums designed to treat a variety of skin conditions.

In the set there's a mask for deep hydration, which comes in the form of a cloth that's been coaked in aloe vera, witch hazel and hyaluronic acid in order to soothe skin, share antioxidants and tone the appearance. The second items is a mask designed to firm and lift, which includes moisturizing ingredients to bring vibrancy to dry skin and reduce lines. The third sheet in the set is a brightening mash, featuring green tea and blueberry to cut out redness and dryness. To use these sheet masks, it's as simple as unfolding them onto clear skin, leaving them to sit for about 20 minutes before removing. Rather than applying a whole face mask, this is a convenient way to target a problem area.