Loverecipe's Facial Treatment Masks Use Ingredients Like Peppers and Broccoli

 - Apr 24, 2015
References: sallysbox & sallysbox
For many conscious consumers around the world, facial cosmetic treatments that use pure ingredients like whole fruits and vegetables are pretty irresistible for their skin-nourishing qualities, but cute packaging is often an even bigger selling feature. Loverecipe combines both in its playful line of face masks, blending kiwi, aloe, carrots, pepper, broccoli and other produce-based face care masks with charming anime-style packaging.

Each one of the Korean beauty packets tells the story between a girl and her romantic interest, so the more face packs a consumer collects, the more they see of the couple's adventures together. From its striking visual product packaging to scents and formula, the adorable face masks sold through Sally's Box deliver a charming experience from beginning to end.