SPUD.ca and SPUD.com Stock Your Fridge with Organic Groceries

 - Mar 7, 2012
References: spud & facebook
Founded in 2007, SPUD.ca creates a way in which consumers can buy sustainable and fresh produce with ease. Since then, SPUD.ca has expanded to six places: Los Angeles and Orange County, the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle and Eastern Puget Sound, Calgary, Victoria and Southern Vancouver Island and Greater Vancouver. SPUD stands for "sustainable produce urban delivery."

"Not only was there an opportunity to directly connect communities with local farmers and food producers, but ordering food online and using a just-in-time home delivery method means a better product for customers," write SPUD.ca on their website. "Organic produce and artisan groceries can be ordered and delivered in their peak freshness – providing customers with a superior tasting and highly nutrient rich product."

For info on all of the areas in which groceries are delivered, visit SPUD.com.

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