'Don't Kill the Squirrel' is a Clever Educational Videogame

'Don't Kill the Squirrel' serves as a fun game but there's actually a meaningful message behind it; it's made to raise awareness about the issues of reckless driving.

Warning Label Games, a mobile gaming start-up, and Impact Teen Drivers, an anti-distracted driving campaign, have joined forces to launch this new game to make learning a fun task. It's made for the iPad and comes just in time for Distracted Driving Awareness Month in April.

The game is placed in a cartoon setting where real-life distractions tend to make people get into accidents. The goal of the game is to not hit the squirrel while text messages, phone calls and makeup application serve as game factors that can make one distracted and prone to accidents.

Don't Kill the Squirrel is an educational game to help raise awareness of the dangerous impacts of distracted driving.