Founder of Matthew Inman Creates the SOPA/PIPA GIF

It seems after countless court efforts and alternative petition measures, the only way to make the government understand what its online piracy act implies is by compiling it all into a meme, as the Matthew Inman SOPA/PIPA GIF does.

Matthew Inman is the founder of, which has closed to support the current blackout attempt (websites shutting down for 24 hours) to make Internet users understand what many websites may look like if the legislation is codified. The site is entirely black with an info section at the bottom explaining what blackout is for and the center of the page displays the founder’s humorous GIF.

The Matthew Inman SOPA/PIPA GIF uses photos of Oprah and Jesus flying on a jet ski through outer space, alongside other visuals to explain to viewers much of the content on the Internet -- which is wholly harmless and highly entertaining -- will be affected by SOPA and PIPA.