Sh*t Kids Say Draws from Popular Clips But Has an Important

 - Mar 26, 2012
References: & thirdsector
'Sh*t Kids Say’ is based on the popular online meme, ‘Sh*t Girls Say,’ but this time, it’s not as funny.

NSPCC, a UK-based organization that strives to end cruelty to children, launched this video for its ‘Don’t Wait Until You’re Certain’ campaign, which pleads to the public to prevent child abuse by not ignoring the babbles and things children say.

The video kicks off with innocent little children saying funny phrases but it suddenly changes when they start babbling about serious issues, saying lines such as "drink more Vodka, mummy" and "I’m a mistake, it’s always my fault."

Directed by Amanda Boyle, this video aims to spread the awareness of this issue that most people ignore. Studies conducted in 2011 in the UK shows that many people in fact did contact the NSPCC because they were concerned for a child’s safety; however, they waited almost six months to make a move and contact someone. Continue to spread the 'Sh*t Kids Say’ video in hopes of making everyone around you aware of the issue.