- Mar 3, 2015
These baby fashion innovations range from ethical clothing lines to fitness-focused collections that ensure your little one is both stylish and comfortable. Drawing inspiration from adult styles, these baby fashion picks include both casual clothing items and formalwear that rivals mature runway looks.

With a habit of referencing their own style, parents are dressing young kids in edgy, alternative and hipster-inspired pieces that oppose tradition. These clothes make a statement and are definitely Instagram-worthy. The rise of social media fandom has lead young parents to be more aware of how they are dressing newborns and toddlers. Following in the footsteps of celeb kids like Blue Ivy and North West, fashionable babies are becoming Instagram's new style stars while major brands are creating charming and adult-inspired collections for kids.

Favorites include biker-themed rocker tees and hip-hop onesies that show off parents' love for rap icons like Tupac. Other memorable examples include accessories like handmade gold brogues and mini combat boots that celebrate bespoke baby gear.

From Ethical Tot Collections to Toddler Yoga Apparel: