‘The Occupiers' Series Profiles Activists from Zuccotti Park

‘The Occupiers’ series by New York City-based photographer Eddie McShane reveals the real-life people behind the larger-than-life Occupy protests. The photographs were taken in Zuccotti Park and then applied against a blue background that is consistent throughout the series.

The protestors are diverse. From scruffy hippies, to war veterans, to suit-and-tie professionals, McShane leaves no demographic out. A striking feature in this regard, is the age range of the activists. Baby-boomers and Septuagenarians are in full force along with young Millennials.

For many, the Occupy protests conjure images of faceless crowds. Indeed, the hacktivist collective ‘Anonymous’ have associated themselves with the movement, for better or for worse. These photographs from Zuccotti Park reveal the human side to Occupy.