Revisit the Nostalgia in Spite of the Sesame Street Elmo Scandal

 - Nov 21, 2012
In light of the recent Sesame Street Elmo scandal, many have been disheartened that their favorite childhood character has been tainted as potentially committing illicit behavior towards young children.

Whether this Sesame Street Elmo scandal is true or not, it does not affect the fact that Elmo along with Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, Snuffleupagus, Bert and Ernie and all the other muppets, have brought a certain amount of happiness into our childhood. The power of Sesame Street is reflected in the nostalgic creations it has inspired, ranging from iconic muppet shirts and treats to hilarious parody videos. It's nice to know that, in spite of the recent negative news Elmo has been receiving, these creations still have the ability to make some of us laugh.