These Evan Cheng Cartoons Combine Sesame Street Characters & Superheroes

When I was growing up, Big Bird, Burt, Ernie and especially Grouch were my superheroes. These featured Evan Cheng cartoons have amalgamated these favorite characters with famous superheroes like Batman and Robin to make for some interestingly new story ideas!

The cartoons were designed for a day called Superhero-Sunday held by Toysrevil, where other superhero drawings, toy figures and accessories are showcased. With Big Bird as Thor, Oscar as Iron Man with his side kick Slimey, and Bert and Ernie as Batman and Robin (of course), the residents of sesame street look ready to fight some serious crime with their new outfits and identities!

The mash-up cartoons are a fun way to reminisce over childhood fads and obsessions, and are perfect for kids of this generation to expand their imagination!