- Mar 29, 2013
AMC's hit TV series Mad Men took the world by storm with its dapper costume design, jarring portrayal of generational differences and irresistible front man Donald Draper, but this list of Mad Men mockeries goes to show that despite these sombre stories of the sixties, TV show parodies are great ways for fans to humorously tribute their favorite productions.

From suave, Mad Men-themed drinking guides to outright wacky corporate zombie mashups, these usually fan made TV show parodies are laughable ways to draw out funny, unexpected readings of Mad Men's serious and sometimes sad material.

With season 6 of this 1960's drama about to begin, who knows what types of crazy fan art, memes and mashups we'll be seeing in the future.

TV Show Parodies Can Make Even the Most Sombre Series a Little Bit Laughable: