Brood by Kate MccGwire is a Tribute to Slain Chicken

 - Apr 11, 2012
References: katemccgwire & mymodernmet
If wishbones really do grant good fortune, then the art installation titled Brood by Kate MccGwire is filled with enough fortune to last a lifetime. It is made up of 23,000 chicken wishbones. Mounted on a wall in a stunning spiral pattern, this artwork was not made just for its visual appeal.

Brood by Kate MccGwire pays tribute to the dead -- in particular, dead chickens. According to an accompanying statement, "MccGwire selected only the remains of battery-farmed chickens, the unnatural GM uniformity of the bones is shocking: transferring the ancient practices of witchcraft to a much more contemporary and scary one." Individually, the wishbone symbolizes hope. Together, however, the mass represents "a cull, a killing field, the horrors of genocide and slaughter of innocents," as written on her website.