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Gamified Affection

Enhancing romantic gestures, users turn to interactive techniques

Implications - Adding an interactive element to sentimental experiences, consumers are turning to games as a means to heighten romantic engagements. Adapting marriage proposals into video games and using apps to quantify affection, individuals are using elements of entertainment to heighten romantic gestures with both excitement and intrigue. Highlighting the ways that consumers are willing to let technology have a place in nearly aspects of their lives, this shift signifies a great opportunity for emotion-centric industries.
5 Featured, 40 Examples:
243,292 Total Clicks
Date Range:
May 13 — Feb 15
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Romantic Valentine Selfies
Romantic Valentine Selfies
The Selfit App Allows You to Take a Valentine Selfie for Your Boo
Mixed-reality selfie app ‘Selfit’ is releasing new content, allowing users the chance to create their very own Valentine selfie. Users simply record a video of themselves wishing their... MORE
play_circle_filled Hand-Twisting Intimacy Apps
Hand-Twisting Intimacy Apps
The Fingle App Game for iPad is the Perfect First Date Ice-Breaker
The Fingle App is a two player iPad game which explores intimate touch. The Fingle App is like the game of Twister but with your hands and fingers. The game serves as a great ice breaker on dates.... MORE
Mathematical Dating apps
Mathematical Dating apps
Floret Gamifies the Stable Marriage Problem in the Name of Romance
This gamified dating app uses the mathematical concept referred to as the stable marriage problem to make love matches. The appropriately named problem is when, as TechCrunch describes it, “... MORE
play_circle_filled Video Game Marriage Proposals
Video Game Marriage Proposals
This Angry Birds Marriage Proposal is Charmingly Nerdy
“Will you marry me” is probably the last thing you’d expect to read on a game of Angry Birds, but the girlfriend of a die-hard Angry Birds gamer received a pleasant surprise on her tablet when... MORE
play_circle_filled Pixelated Video Game Proposals
Pixelated Video Game Proposals
Robert Fink Designed a Short Video Game Which Ends With a Proposal
Newly engaged gamer Robert Fink proposed to his girlfriend by programming a short video game in which the main character collects gold pieces to build a ring. After the brave knight puts the pieces... MORE

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Personalized Romantic Cases
Personalized Romantic Cases
This Romantic Phone Case Adds a Personal Touch
Photo-Sharing Dating Apps
Photo-Sharing Dating Apps
The Glimpse Dating App Syncs with Instagram to Make Romantic Connections
Seductive Mobile Accessories
Seductive Mobile Accessories
This Kisses Phone Case from Brika Boasts a Shana Frase Art Print
Ex-Seeking Dating Apps
Ex-Seeking Dating Apps
The Dating Website Will Find You Someone Who Resembles Your Ex
Image-Only Dating Sites
Image-Only Dating Sites
Dreamcliq Sets Itself Apart from Other Free Dating Sites by Omitting Bios
Rando-Avoiding Dating Apps
Rando-Avoiding Dating Apps
Hinge App Will Not Connect You With Complete Strangers in Your Area
Intriguing Oddity Dating Apps
Intriguing Oddity Dating Apps
Loveflutter's Mobile Dating App Helps Quirky Individuals Connect
Swiping Fashion Retail Apps
Swiping Fashion Retail Apps
Kwoller's Fashion Price Tracking Feature Adds to a Tinder-Inspired App
Verified Celebrity Dating Apps
Verified Celebrity Dating Apps
Tinder Will Be Adding a Verified Icon to Help Celebrities Date
play_circle_filled Affection-Encouraging Apps
Affection-Encouraging Apps
The Valentine Kiss App Rewarded Smoochers on February 14th
True Love-Detecting Apps
True Love-Detecting Apps
The Match Machine App Predicts Your True Love
Mobile Date-Deciding Apps
Mobile Date-Deciding Apps
This Delightful App Helps Couples Choose the Perfect Date
Retro Computer Game Apps
Retro Computer Game Apps
Minesweeper Smartphone App Brings Back the Long-Lost Explosive Logic Game
Tailored Zombie Game Apps
Tailored Zombie Game Apps
Season Two of the Walking Dead App Adjusts Gameplay Based on Choices
Hunky Heartthrob Weather Apps
Hunky Heartthrob Weather Apps
The Hey Girl Weather App Stars Ryan Gosling
Romantic Tech Accessories
Romantic Tech Accessories
The 3D Flower IPhone Case Embodies an Opulent Aesthetic
play_circle_filled Movie-Promoting Game Apps
Movie-Promoting Game Apps
This Anchorman 2 Ad Game is Movie Promotion on Expert Level
play_circle_filled Hardware Store Singing Proposals
Hardware Store Singing Proposals
This Flashmob Proposal Occurred in a Home Depot
play_circle_filled Stress Reducing Gamer Gadgets
Stress Reducing Gamer Gadgets
This Kickstarter Gadget Detects Stress with Game Apps
Hyperrealistic Retro Game Apps
Hyperrealistic Retro Game Apps
The 'PsychoBlocks' App Subjects Tetris to the Laws of Physics
Social Media Proposals
Social Media Proposals
Curt Buthman's Used Vine to Propose
Minimalist Phone Games
Minimalist Phone Games
Dots by Betaworks Suggests Simplicity is Always In
Nerdy Proposal Infographics
Nerdy Proposal Infographics
This Chart Shows How to Make the Perfect Proposal
Parasol Bridal Accessories
Parasol Bridal Accessories
Reem Acra Bridal Shows Quirky Veils for Spring 2014
Magical Modest Wedding Gowns
Magical Modest Wedding Gowns
The Temperley London Titania 2013 Collection is Whimsical and Classy
Delicate Wedding Hair Accessories
Delicate Wedding Hair Accessories
The Jennifer Behr Bridal 2013 Collection Recalls the 1920s
play_circle_filled Customized Wedding Products
Customized Wedding Products
Jamie Munro Discusses Items That Make Matrimony More Personal
Sound Wave Wedding Rings
Sound Wave Wedding Rings
The ‘I Do’ Personal Wedding Bands are Tokens of True Love
play_circle_filled Romantic Viral Video Compilations
Romantic Viral Video Compilations
The Youtube What is Love? Series Assembles Popular Clips
play_circle_filled Creative Wedding Proposals
Creative Wedding Proposals
Jamie Munro Shows Her Top Five Picks for Romantic Proposals
Surprise Cocoa Treat Proposals
Surprise Cocoa Treat Proposals
This Unexpected Wedding Proposal is an Adorably Surprising Delight
Real-Life Twitter Proposals
Real-Life Twitter Proposals
Deadmau5 Proposed to Kat Von D on the Popular Social Media Platform
Dating Mixed-Messaging Blogs
Dating Mixed-Messaging Blogs
The HeTexted Website Provides Input Regarding Romantic Messaging
play_circle_filled Retro Gaming Smartphone Add-Ons
Retro Gaming Smartphone Add-Ons
The iCade 8-Bitty Game Controller Takes You Back to 1985
Sci-Fi Matrimony Rings
Sci-Fi Matrimony Rings
The Chapa'ai Wedding Band is Inspired by the TV Show 'Stargate'
Minimalist Word Game Apps
Minimalist Word Game Apps
Scramble with Friends is Simplistic and Strategic
Casanova Conversation Concepts
Casanova Conversation Concepts
The Axe Auto Romeo App Will Help Juggle Your Textual Relationships
Party Board Game Apps
Party Board Game Apps
The Jenga App Brings Towering Tension into the Digital Form
play_circle_filled Inked Proposals
Inked Proposals
Joe Wittenburg's Tattooed Marriage Proposal is the Ultimate Commitment
Proposal By LCD
Proposal By LCD
Euricase Does The Asking For You