The 'PsychoBlocks' App Subjects Tetris to the Laws of Physics

 - Jun 5, 2013
References: protozoik & lostateminor
A retro game app by Protozoik Games called 'PsychoBlocks' aims to put a new spin on the classic arcade game of Tetris by modernizing it. Instead of the artificial block movements seen in the original Tetris, PsychoBlocks applies actual laws of physics to the game mechanics. According to the developer's site, "fully realistic physics" were implemented into the game.

The addition of real world mechanics means that the blocks don't always fit perfectly. Just like a real block, pieces can tilt and deny you your line clear. The app also adds an extra degree of realism by removing the use of buttons. PsychoBlocks uses your phone's tilt sensors and accelerometer control so that you can physically direct the blocks.