The Axe Auto Romeo App Will Help Juggle Your Textual Relationships

 - Oct 3, 2011
References: axeautoromeo & adverblog
Ladies, check your texts; if the conversational quips seem to be a little too Shakespearean in nature and heavy on the fawning flattery, you may be a recipient of an Axe Auto Romeo App response.

The app that can be installed on any iPhone or Android enables the suave cellphone user with multiple women on his romantic roster to keep them organized and oblivious with thoughtfully detailed texts. The app takes you through a few quick steps which include setting up a ‘Flirt List’ to sign up the women you wish to woo, where you then answer a few basic questions like their physical characteristics that you admire or how you first met.

The final step asks you to choose the flirt level, and then the Axe Auto Romeo App allows you to sit back and watch the seduction success roll in. Beware Juliets!