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Fake relationships help singles alleviate feelings of loneliness

Implications - Being single can be tough. Along with social pressure, being without a romantic partner can bring on feelings of loneliness and depression. To alleviate these feelings are "fauxmance" tools that let people pretend as if they are in relationships. While a novelty for now, these types of tools stand to alleviate loneliness while also providing singles with a fun "alternate reality" and game-like experience.
5 Featured, 43 Examples:
1,244,251 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Feb 11 — Jan 12

Featured Examples

Fake Online Relationships
Fake Online Relationships
The Cloud Girlfriend Fools Your Facebook Friends
The Cloud Girlfriend is a fake social network girlfriend you can create to make your friends jealous. If you've ever been jealous of lovey-dovey couples who swarm your Facebook feed with cheesy love notes… MORE
Virtual Faux Boyfriends
Virtual Faux Boyfriends
This Text Boyfriend Service Gives You the Affection You Need
With this Text Boyfriend service, individuals who are single and in need of some affection can now receive it through text messages. The service sends you three texts a week, featuring cute messages that… MORE
Girlfriend-Renting Websites
Girlfriend-Renting Websites
'Loue Une Petite Amie' Makes Finding a Date Easier Than Ever
It is now nearly impossible to be a lonely man in France thanks to the new website Loue Une Petite Amie, also known in English as "rent a girlfriend." That's right, Loue Une Petite Amie actually lets… MORE
play_circle_filled Girlfriend Multiplication Apps
Girlfriend Multiplication Apps
This Clever Axe Campaign Makes You Look Like a Player on Facebook
Worldwide best-selling men's deodorant and soap manufacturers Axe has kept the same attitude with its brand since it was first established. Axe wants its consumers to be the ultimate lady's man, and this… MORE
Faux Female Companion Websites
Faux Female Companion Websites
FakeGirlfriend Sends You Texts From an Imaginary Girlfriend
Some guys really hate being single, and boys, if you’re one of those, then FakeGirlfriend is the perfect site for you. Created by software engineer Ricky Robinett, all you have to do is send a text to… MORE

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Blunt Workplace Prints
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Vomit-Inducing Sound Machines
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Heat-Activated Writing Utensils
These Thermo-Sensitive Pilot FriXion Pens Work Like Magic
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Glass-Shattering Screamers
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Office Supply Prank Prints
The Herlitz 'Cheap Fun' Campaign Encourages Amusement
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Colorful Cubed Cars
The LEGO Volvo is a Childhood Dream Come True
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Senior Celeb Prank Calls
Betty White AARP Ad Urges the Elderly to Live Life to the Fullest
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Promotional Pranks
Glassing Eyewear Uses Immaturity for Publicity
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Prankster Writing Utensils
The Pull My Finger Pen Dares You to Do the Unthinkable
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Mega Cola Movie Displays
Spectacular Coca-Cola 3D 125th Anniversary Illumination Lights Up Atlanta
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Boozin' Social Media Stunts
Heineken Bluetooth Bottle Opener Creates a Facebook Event for You
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Plane Portrait Competitions
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is Painting Their Planes With Your Portrait
play_circle_filled Drawn Photo Booth Campaigns
Drawn Photo Booth Campaigns
Pictionary Sets Up a Picture Station to Show the Game's Attributes
Social Media Couch Crashing
Social Media Couch Crashing
Airbnb Lets You Use 6 Degrees of Seperation
play_circle_filled Sofa-Shaped Snacks
Sofa-Shaped Snacks
Ogilvy Creates an Interesting Campain to Promote Magazine Luiza
play_circle_filled Fantasy-Fulfilling Contests
Fantasy-Fulfilling Contests
Corona Extra and MTV Launch 'Experience the Extraordinary' on Facebook
Poignant Bro Memes
Poignant Bro Memes
Brotip is a Hilarious and Accurate Collection of Advice
play_circle_filled Summer Lovin' Lookbooks
Summer Lovin' Lookbooks
The We Are All Smith Photo Shoot Will Remind You of Sneaking Out
Secret Admirer Social Sites
Secret Admirer Social Sites
LikeALittle is an Adorable Way to Say How You Feel Anonymously
Significant Other Substitutes
Significant Other Substitutes
Grow a Boyfriend/Girlfriend For Valentine's Day
Anti-Cheater Devices
Anti-Cheater Devices
The LovePlus Nintendo 3DS Game Puts the Virtual Girlfriend on Lockdown
Girlfriend Beauty Predictors
Girlfriend Beauty Predictors
Foster's 'Vordometer' App Shows How Your Sweetie Will Age
Guy-Friendly Applications
Guy-Friendly Applications
These Concept iPhone Apps for Guys that Could Become Reality
66 Text Messaging Revolutions
66 Text Messaging Revolutions
Kik Messenger App Kicks Up Instant Innovation
play_circle_filled Anti-Drunk Applications
Anti-Drunk Applications
The Social Media Sobriety Test Saves You From Embarrassment
50 Dating Innovations
50 Dating Innovations
In Honor of Justin Bieber Searching for a Girlfriend
play_circle_filled Virtual Girlfriend Simulations
Virtual Girlfriend Simulations
Practice Massaging with the Lovepress++ Wii Balance Board
Automated Texting Apps
Automated Texting Apps
The Android ‘On the Move' Widget Will Keep You Safe on the Road
Rentable Rain Shields
Rentable Rain Shields
Kam Leang's Recyclable PET Umbrella Saves the Earth and Keeps You Dry
Rentable Vegas Entertainment
Rentable Vegas Entertainment
'Flaming Fun' is a Flamboyant Party Planning Company
Personal Jet Renting
Personal Jet Renting
Wannajet Offers Private Planes to Everybody
Rentable Record-Setting Buildings
Rentable Record-Setting Buildings
You Can Rent a Burj Khalifa Apartment Starting at $38,000
38 Texting Innovations
38 Texting Innovations
From the Scandalous Joslyn James Texts to SMS Amputations
play_circle_filled Rentable YouTube
Rentable YouTube
Rent Full-Length Sundance Film Festival Flicks Online
Rentable Towns
Rentable Towns
The Entire Dunton Hot Springs Resort is for Rent
Rentable Kitchens
Rentable Kitchens
Use the Philly Kitchen Share for an Hour or Three
play_circle_filled Anti-Clumsy Text Apps
Anti-Clumsy Text Apps
The Type N Walk iPhone App Makes Texting While Walking Safe
61 Things You Can Rent
61 Things You Can Rent
Rentable Innovations, from Wives to Celebrity Homes
Rent-a-Bike Bus Hubs
Rent-a-Bike Bus Hubs
Gabriel Wartofsky's Bikeshare Network Puts Foldable E-Bikes at Bus Stops
Drunk E-Mail Prevention Tools
Drunk E-Mail Prevention Tools
Google Mail Goggles
Innovative Texting Devices
Innovative Texting Devices
SMS Text Messager
Shopping by Text Message
Shopping by Text Message
Amazon TextBuyIt
play_circle_filled Texting on the Run
Texting on the Run
Padded Lampposts Protect London SMSing Pedestrians