SMS Text Messager

 - Apr 3, 2008
References: coroflot & dsgnspot
Some people mainly use their mobile phones for texting. It is cheaper and less intrusive than a voice call. With most of the buzz on phone designs, designers haven’t really paid enough attention to a ‘just SMSing’ device. But things are about to change.

The unique SMS Text Messager by talented designer Tom Kenworthy has recently won the RSA Royal Society of Art Design Directions 2007-08 contest.

Kenworthy wanted his design to be inclusive. It works for little kids, teenagers, adults and old people. He kept the design minimal and fluid. No keys, no complications. A touchpad allows you to draw letters on it for input. This is how you input text: draw a letter using a finger or thumb, press either the left or right colored side button to confirm, the device will recognize the letter and display it on the screen.

The screen uses electronic paper display to extend the battery life and provide excellent contrast and resolution for texting.