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Compact Design

Simplistic kitchens and furniture to expand urban core living

Implications - As more people move toward city lifestyles and smaller dwellings, kitchens are becoming more simple and compact to maximize smaller living spaces. Fold-aways and wall extensions are allowing kitchen appliances to hide and expand when needed, giving city dwellers clean and sleek open spaces.
10 Featured, 25 Examples:
1,496,547 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Nov 08 — Jun 09
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Hidden Kitchens
Hidden Kitchens
Troy Adams Design's Concept Keeps Appliances Under Cover
The gallery shows Troy Adams Design’s amazing futuristic concept for a “kitchen within a kitchen.” Actually, you’d hardly know a kitchen even existed because it’s hidden. Think you’re seeing a simple… MORE
Flat-Pack Kitchens
Flat-Pack Kitchens
Oma's Rache Folds Out to Reveal 3D Dining Room and Kitchen
The Oma's Rache kitchen is capable of performing all sorts of wonderful things, just like your multi-talented grandma (which is what 'Oma' means in German). The extremely compact kitchen folds flat against… MORE
Compact Kitchen Innovations
Compact Kitchen Innovations
Rendez-Vous From Electrolux Opens Up Cuisine
Thanks to the Rendez-Vous designed by Electrolux, guests can be entertained in new innovative space-saving kitchens. There is never enough room in the kitchen, and most of the time guests are left unattended… MORE
Glittery Compact Kitchens
Glittery Compact Kitchens
The Isola S Swarovski Island
Somehow, cooking dinner or washing the dishes would be a whole lot more glamorous if I could have a kitchen like this. The sinuous and futuristic lines of the Isola S kitchen island (part of a complete… MORE
Micro-Cube Kitchens
Micro-Cube Kitchens
The Portable Kitchen 'Opening' from Targa Italia
After researching effective uses of space for a modern city dweller, designers were able to come up with ‘Opening’ - a kitchen in a box. The full kitchen comes in two boxes, with stainless steel… MORE
Portable Kitchens
Portable Kitchens
Dzmitry Samal's 'Kitchen for Singles' Rotates for Prep, Storage and Cooking
Everyone who's ever lived in a shoebox-sized apartment can appreciate the space-saving glory of Dzmitry Samal's 'Kitchen for Singles.' This portable island rotates out like a mobile phone to expose multiple… MORE
Wireless Cooking Dishes
Wireless Cooking Dishes
Lotus Kitchen Hob Lets You Cook Food Anywhere
These futuristic cooking dishes by designers David Barry and Laurence Finnegan are part of the Lotus wireless cooking system. The system has been designed for various cooking styles and meal types and… MORE
Mobile Pod Kitchens
Mobile Pod Kitchens
The Futuristic 'EGGo' Kitchen Survives Your Camping Trips
If you are into fancy camping trips, then this self-sufficient mobile kitchen by Zhdanova Irina, dubbed EGGo, is going to shock the outdoors. The kitchen bears an eye-catching egg shape and striking polished… MORE
Incredible Space-Saving Kitchens
Incredible Space-Saving Kitchens
Futuristic 360° Column Solves the Culinary Conundrum
It’s a conundrum, the place that we call 'kitchen.' When we use it, there is never enough space, when we don’t, it just takes up too much room in our already undersized apartments. The delicate equilibrium… MORE
Minimalist Kitchen Storage
Minimalist Kitchen Storage
Remote Control Island Top Hides Sink and Prep Area
Ernestomeda has taken kitchen technology one step further by automating the opening and closing of a kitchen worktop. Ernestomeda has solved the frustrating problem of storing an armload of bologna, mustard,… MORE