- May 26, 2018
The top May 2018 branding ideas explore a number of over-the-top product combinations and better-for-you formulas, both of which put a spotlight on flavor.

One of the most prominent themes in these emerging ideas is hybridization, which can be seen in the Pop-Tarts Splitz, Mayochup by Heinz, Bryers 2in1 ice cream tubs, as well as drinks like cold brew-infused sodas and cocktail-inspired beer beverages.

At the same time consumers are looking to indulge in outrageously flavorful food and drinks, many are also seeking out better-for-you versions of their favorite comfort foods. One of the best examples of this include the pulse-based Peatos, which is even branded with a tiger mascot as a healthier Cheetos alternative.

From High-End Frozen Burgers to Premium Artisan Marinades: