The Propercorn Chocolate Popcorn is Sweet, Savory and Satisfying

 - May 3, 2018
References: foodbev
Picking up a chocolate bar to snack on isn't the healthiest option when craving a sweet snack, so the new Propercorn Chocolate Popcorn has been unveiled by the brand as a new option for consumers to enjoy in place.

The brand has reported that 94% of 25-35-year-olds in the UK seek out chocolate snacks about once a week, which is what makes this new product flavor so appealing. Containing "roughly half the calories of a traditional chocolate bar," the snack contains just 126 calories per serving and is made with Fairtrade Peruvian cocoa, Demerara sugar, whole milk and sea salt.

The Propercorn Chocolate Popcorn will be available at Ocado and Waitrose this month, while availability at Tesco will start in July in two bag sizes.