- Mar 30, 2019
The March 2019 cosmetics spotlight some of the most recent launches within the beauty industry, with everything from travel-friendly skincare kits, to brunch-inspired makeup packaging ideas included.

The latter innovation was created by affordable cosmetics brand ColourPop, which collaborated with a popular beauty influencer and YouTuber by the name of Zoella. All of the packaging highlights a food theme, and the different shades and the names they're given aim to reflect the same. The versatile eyeshadow palette boasts a range of universally flattering brown shades that have names like Pancakes Please, Americana, and Cinnamon Sugar.

Also featured is the new Hair & Body Shine Mist from OUAI, which adds shine, eliminates frizz, and provides plenty of nutrients. The spray is made with a unique diamond powder, which is what leaves behind a subtle shimmer.

From Glittery Sea-Inspired Lipsticks to Calming Hemp Facial Oils: