From Beautiful Winged Teabags to Feminine Insectified Couture

 - Feb 22, 2013
The fascination with creepy crawly insects continues to make its way through mainstream culture, and these eye-catching insect-inspired creations are some great examples of these creatures being incorporated into all sorts of designs and products.

Whether you care for insects or not, there's no denying the intense and strikingly beautiful form that these creatures can have. With the variety of different invertebrates that exist outside in nature, there are endless sources of inspiration to choose from when looking to create a design based on these minuscule bugs. From jewelry shaped like beautiful beetles to remote-controlled toys shaped like centipedes, these creations are utilizing the striking impact insects have as a way to cleverly catch people's attention.

Using these insects as a source of design inspiration is a fantastic way to incorporate the vast array of life that exists outdoors into our everyday items.