GeoBeats Examines the Potential of These Eight-Legged Creatures

 - Mar 11, 2012
References: news.discovery & bbc
Spider silk now has a more meaningful purpose other than catching insects and prey, according to a series by GeoBeats.

These creepy crawling creatures are responsible for sending many people running for their lives, but Japanese researcher Shigeyoshi Osaki embraces them. He uses spider silk to form the strings on a violin. Original and preferred use of violin strings usually compose of nylon, steel or catgut, which is made from the linings of animal intestines.

Up to 5,000 individual spider silk strands are twisted together in one direction to form a lining. Three of these formed linings are then chained together and spun in the opposite direction. This method shows that the bounded strings are more compact and leave less space in between the strands. Spider silk strings are not as strong as catgut, but they are more durable than materials like nylon or aluminum. The spider silk violin generates a different tonality, which offers a distinct spin to music, according to the GeoBeats series.