Saut de Puce by Benjamin Crilout Features Two Legs and Intricate Weaving

 - Dec 22, 2011
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Chairs usually take on a practical design with four legs, a seat and a back component, but Saut de Puce strives to offer a wildly different experience for sitting.

Designed by artist Benjamin Crilout who was inspired by the formations of an insect and a clean-cut industrial look, Saut de Puce is a chair that looks like it belongs in an art gallery rather than in someone's home. The chair features two legs and an intricate weaving of lines underneath the seat.

Take a closer look at the Saut de Puce design to really understand the workings of this seat.

Implications - Shoppers in modern society want to make purchases that express their unique individuality. Practical products that strive to push the limits on creativity attract those who want to stand out from others on the market. Companies could hone in on this desire to differentiate oneself to promote themselves as forward thinking.