From Slanted Stools to Geometrically Framed Chairs

 - Feb 12, 2013
These angular seating designs fuse innovation with modern aesthetics. Embracing new-age design ideals, these chairs, stools and benches boast sleek and sophisticated construction methods.

From slanted stools to geometrically framed seats, the custom furnishings are the perfect home accessory for any design lover's digs. Whether machine-made or constructed with the use of reclaimed materials, these angular seating designs enhance any interior space and serve as its visual focal point.

The furnishings exude personality and have a distinctive look that is synonymous with their contemporary design aesthetic. From their angular structural details to their simplistic aesthetic, these durable, beautiful and practical furniture pieces endorse sophisticated product testing. This strenuous testing and research ensures that the furnishings are lasting, comfortable and safe for their users.