Kallemo Holmen Sofa is Intended for Central Placement and Three Sitters

 - Feb 11, 2013
References: kristianknobloch.de & likecool
The majority of couches are designed so that sitters face in a single direction, but not the Källemo Holmen Sofa. This whimsical seating system creates sight lines for its users that face three different ways, thanks to a base triangular form.

Kristian Knobloch began by assembling a sturdy wooden frame for the piece of furniture that consists of a three-sided platform and four posts that penetrate it. One of them rises through the center and the others puncture each of the corners. They act as short legs for the furnishing and extend upwards as backrest supports.

The platform of the Källemo Holmen Sofa is covered in a plushy upholstered cushion of either leather or fabric. Three long matching pillows radiate from the middle and lean against the lumber posts to create comfortable backrests and divisions. They establish three distinctive seating spaces that accommodate a trio of people each.

Photo Credits: Designboom