Tilted 9,5 Chair is Staggeringly Stronger with Trusses

 - Aug 3, 2012
References: bfex.dk & notcot.org
If you're the sort of person who is constantly losing his balance or who walks with a natural pull to one side, the 9,5 Chair might actually make you feel a little steadier! I kid, but the unexpected truth is that this crooked piece of furniture is remarkably sturdy.

The development of the 9,5-degree Chair by BFlex began as an exploration of a basic and iconic seat. It was first a rigid and rectilinear design before it was shifted to an angle of 9.5 degrees. Following this initial adjustment, the frame of the furnishing was modified. The right side's seat and backrest supports were kept the same length and extruded. Trussed leg braces gave the 9,5 Chair strength and a leveled seat allows you to sit comfortably.