Heavy Rabbit is a Sturdy Place to Sit and to Stash Your Stacks of Books

 - Aug 1, 2012
References: bongo-design & stilsucht.de
Multitasking movables are really the way to go, especially when you have limited space in certain rooms of your home. The Heavy Rabbit is a small piece of furniture but it successfully performs a pair of functions with the potential to boast a third.

The Bongo Design object is manufactured from welded modules of steel rods that form symmetrical geometric shapes, impressively bent by hand. Eighteen of such elements are fused together to give the Heavy Rabbit a depth of 25 centimeters and to offer sufficient storage space for books, magazines and newspapers in its narrow triangular compartments.

A pair of inward slants to the crown of the piece make it a good prop for an open novel or the perfect perch as a steady stool. The placement of a try on top of the Heavy Rabbit can additionally turn it into a side table.