Catherine and Rosebud Collections are Nice to Curl Up in

I admire the efforts of modern furnishings to satisfy a timeless aesthetic, by it's pieces like those from the Catherine and Rosebud collections that will truly survive the ages. For these recliners, couches, chairs and footstools, comfort is not secondary.

Ilkka Suppanen executed these objects with the utmost formal precision, creating seating systems that look deceivingly insubstantial with thin cushions and narrow metal supports. Through the expression of flat surfaces, planes and their intriguing interactions, the Tunnelma designer has come up with an oeuvre of items that is surprisingly far from rigid.

One of the most delightful elements found in the Catherine and Rosebud collections is in the Catherine lounger. This lopsided wingback chair flaunts its complete absence of an armrest and headrest along one side, making it ideal for a sideways snuggle or pairing it with a mirror-image moveable.