The Furniture by Olli Mustikainen Has a Chaotic Base

 - Dec 1, 2012
References: ollimustikainen &
Olli Mustikainen collborated with Jari Nyman to create a bench that joins two paradoxes together: collected simplicity, which is the wooden top and chaotic irregularity, which is the base. Together, the two parts form the Mägi Bench.

The geometric legs that support the plank of wood that constitutes the seat are cut into two equal triangles. The playful shapes in the middle of the structure all vary in size. The triangles on Olli Mustikainen's bench are not only meant to be aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide little nooks where you can store items.

Your magazines can lean against the slants of the legs and your remote control or even your wine fits into the smaller slots.