The First Sitting Chair by Timm Ulrichs Falls Backwards in Defeat

 - Oct 16, 2012
References: wentrupgallery &
There are collapsing seats that serve a purpose, be it to save room or to offer a slightly different perch, and then there is the First Sitting Chair. This chair has been defeated by some unknown trial. Utterly exhausted, it has fallen to the ground in what can only be described as surrender. Since it would be silly to sit in the First Sitting Chair, it has to be a piece of art rather than a functioning piece of furniture.

Created by Timm Ulrichs, an artist based in Berlin and Hanover in Germany, the First Sitting Chair takes on the design of a classic chair. The only tweak appears to be a set of hinges sectioning off the two back legs. These hinges allow the First Sitting Chair to collapse backwards.