The Lipa Table is Supported by a Creased Metal Sheet for Unique Faces

 - Oct 9, 2012
References: cooima & blog.leibal
Symmetry is not a necessary feature of a balanced piece of furniture and the Lipa Table helps to prove this. Its support system relies on a single sheet of laser-cut steel that's been folded down the center and stood up on one end.

The resultant profile of the side table is one that looks different from every angle. The bent brace produces two flat faces for a thin triangular footing, leaving one side left open. To the eyes, this wedge-shaped void adds intriguing dimension to the appearance of the largely minimal movable. Practically speaking, this gap can be angled within or out of view and serve as a place to store books.

Designed by Kenyon Yeh of Cooima, the Lipa Table comes in solid bold colors with a geometric surface of either a circle or a square.