The Gone with the Wind Chairs Take a Lovely Lean to the Left

 - Nov 14, 2011
There is something to be said for designing with ergonomics in mind but strict symmetry in furnishings can equally be a missed opportunity aesthetically. Of course the enchanting Gone with the Wind chairs have not be stripped of the structural qualities that make comfortable seats but they have been lightheartedly embellished with seemingly tilted backrests.

On observation, the leaning loungers remain level upon four tapered slender legs and only the rear supports appear angled. But these are flat despite the soft curvature of the under cushions and only the edges of these vertical components have been extended. Anyone sitting on a GWTW perch would feel completely centered, with the simple sensation that one surface behind his left shoulder rises a little higher and that the limit at his right waist expands slightly outwards. Vasiliy Butenko's Gone with the Wind chairs have the cute and confused charm of delicate object being blown by a breeze but remain fundamentally comfy.