Archetype Sofa Has an Unexpected Softness Compared to its Contours

 - Oct 12, 2011
References: & mocoloco
When paired together, the words "rigid" and "couch" evoke the image of an object that few would have an interest in using. Indeed, the Archetype Sofa does seem to embody a certain sense of structural stiffness, but its sharply cut cushions are apparently quite comfortable.

In observing this angular Alfredo da Silva creation, one is left with the utmost appreciation for its clean lines, careful fabrication and the chic formal effect of its contemporary geometric character. And where it is often the coolest looking furnishings that fall the furthest short in terms of ergonomics, it would be a pleasure to discover the experience of sitting upon such a chesterfield.

Fitting for any bold modern or minimally designed interiors, the Archetype Sofa may not assume the common aesthetic standard, but it lives up to its name in matters of composition, quality and practicality.