From Vibrant Scribbled Stools to Coiled Rope Chairs

 - Mar 30, 2013
Furniture designers have been coming up with the most unlikely stool designs.

There are stools that are designed to make use out of almost anything. The DIY stool maker, for instance, is an adjustable buckle that holds anything the user puts inside it in a way that it functions as a stool. Similarly, there is a stool that uses coiled ropes as a seating solution.

Even if you are not interested in recyclable or DIY techniques with your seating, you are still in more than good luck to find the stool that suits you and your personality the best.

There are a number of stool designs that are especially intricate in design. However, a very noticeable theme in the making of these pieces have been the use of minimalist elements that offer functional practices.