The Wave Stool Seems to Buckle Fluidly Beneath the Sitter's Weight

 - Feb 12, 2013
References: danyeffet & contemporist
It's as if you've sat down on a freshly manufactured Wave Stool and the hand-blown glass material has yet to stiffen. The cylindrical form of the small backless seats has a rippling texture to its top that forms three slight bulges for a captivating visual effect.

Dan Yeffet designed the pieces with the help of Lucie Koldova, forming large hollow capsules, closed off with corked bottoms. The unique objects are treated to different colorful filters that make them transparent, translucent or even opaque. Gold and silver finishes make the Wave Stools look metallic, creating even more aesthetic intrigue with the curious billowing surfaces.

The 2013 Haymann editions objects offer the best of industry and craft, wrapped up in a lovely little form that functions as an effective seat or a side table.