The Mush Armada Stool Explores the Limits of its Materiality

 - Aug 29, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
Plato's chair is a tempting example to emulate when designing an effective seating system, but the Mush Armada Stool marks a method for reinventing the conception, the construction and the outcome of such a piece.

Denis Kalinin was told that bent wood had to be incorporated into his perch, and with that criteria he strove to work the natural material to its formal boundaries. Strikingly strict curves at both sides create something that looks rather like the smooth shape of an equestrian saddle, equipment that enhances ergonomics for the rider. To complement such an organic lumber shell, however, polished aluminum clads the inside of the single-seater bench. The Mush Armada Stool is thus able to reflect the electric glow of its embedded LED lights, infusing colorful rays into a dimly lit cafe to indicate an available chair.