Flexible Bamboo Stool by Grass Studio is Completely Recyclable

The Flexible Bamboo Stool is a stunning piece of furniture that looks more like a mini architectural model. With its arching strips of wood, the stool bends in ways to provide a comfortable seat as well as a visually enticing addition to the home. Despite the Flexible Bamboo Stool's intricate design, the silhouette is rather simplistic, allowing it to fit into any existing decor.

Designed by Hsu Yuan Tien of Grass Studio, a design firm based in Taiwan, the Flexible Bamboo Stool made its debut at the Tent London design event during the London Design Festival. As its name gives away, the stool is made out of environmental-friendly laminate bamboo, which makes it completely recyclable. The designer points out that this is an important factor in him, "I want to promote green craft, to design products that are friendly to our environment."