The 2nd Shift Studio Stool Has Versatility Like Few Simple Seats Do

 - Mar 20, 2013
One of the most basic seating objects you'll find in a furniture store is a stool; however, this 2nd Shift Studio Stool cannot be considered simple. Even while it manages to maintain a touch of minimalism, this item is marvelously modifiable.

The components of the frame are cut from a beautiful pale wood, forming softly arching tops and outwardly tapering legs. They have an obvious stability about them without looking bulky and each one integrates a convenient footrest across one side.

The adaptable aspect of the 2nd Shift Studio Stool is its customizable seat. You may choose to opt for a smooth wooden surface, or rather to replace this with a soft cushioned top that's upholstered in wool, burlap, linen or denim.