The Tripod Stool by Eunjin Jung Unites Age-Old Craft with Contemporary Style

 - Dec 13, 2012
References: blog.leibal
Your mental image of a wooden stool would be unlikely to match the appearance of the Tripod Stool by Eunjin Jung. It doesn't have those familiar turned legs, nor is it capped by a circular seat. This unique rendition demonstrates a very modern method for sculpting timber that pays respect to its textural quality in a very different way.

The top of the piece seems to mimic the form of an old tractor seat, featuring five sides with a careful beveling of the edges. Into the center of the chair, one of the three legs is slotted, flaunting its singularly contemporary silhouette with an open bowed form. The Tripod Stool by Eunjin Jung is balanced by two additional tapering supports that exude a grace and showcase the beautiful wood grain.