O Perche Compartments Elevate Possessions for Easy Access

 - Feb 11, 2012
References: juliepfligersdorffer & muuuz
Consisting of a container and a lid, these O Perche boxes can be best likened to household storage bins. They are, however, very much classified in their own unique category because of their carefully crafted assembly and unconventional arrangement.

Julie Pfligersdorffer's creations combine the concepts of the barstool and the hat box, brought together in a whimsical way that was inspired by the silhouette of a water tower. The smooth squared and the cylindrical receptacles are perched upon the tops of four wooden chair legs, establishing intriguing relationships between themselves and with their users. One of the taller sets stands almost two meters high and provides a timber rail for accommodating coathangers beneath it. The beautiful matte black O Perche storage compartments stack up to single and double levels as elevated crates for miscellaneous items.