The D-Vision 'Soft Comfort Seats' are Oddly Shaped But Extremely Soothing

Modern home decor is becoming increasingly abstract and the D-Vision 'Soft Comfort Seats' collection plays the look extremely well.

These seats are made in various different ways playing upon the laws of physics and making one's eyes do a double-take. For example, the stools with brightly colored cushions look spiky but soft as well and resemble a cake-makers skill with icing. The stacked lawn chairs look as if they have been molded together and instead of picking one from the stack the owner must peel it away. There are also seats that have very widely spread legs and resemble the orange life-preservers often found hanging at the side of pools. There are seats that initially begin as closed boxes from which the seat itself can be unfolded from the inside. By playing with the physical makeup of seating, this collection brings diversified abstractness to any living room.