The Doug Johnston Two Stools Furniture Collection is Comfortable and Durable

 - Jun 13, 2012
The Doug Johnston Two Stools furniture collection combines comfort with support thanks to both the unique materials the designer uses and the novel crafting process he enacts to make each piece.

His coiling technique, which is based on an ancient traditional method typically used to craft baskets and other ceramics, melds stitching rope together in a an unique pattern that makes the piece both sturdy and flexible at the same time.

After wrapping the rope around in a basket shape the designer stitches it all together and uses a flexible castor foam to fill the rope and shape it into a stool.

This is one of the artist's first ventures into the furniture world, as he has typically used his coiling practices to sculpt accessories, and the collection is being sold through New York manufacturer MATTER.

Additional Images By Michael Popp