The Madame Expansee Stool is an Abstract, Scaled-Down Creation

 - Mar 12, 2013
Whether you see it initially or not, the inspiration behind the Madame Expansée Stool is cathedral construction. The grand, elegant and precisely articulated piers and vaulting of Christian sanctuaries have been reworked into a quirky piece of furniture.

The product was upholstered from various cuts of material, sewn together to give the impression of the arching triangles and diamond shapes that can be seen on the ceilings of flanking arcades. Many seams run up and down the supports of the piece, discernibly warped as the cushioned top.

Three legs instead of four and the expression of misshapenness are what make Dimitri Bähler's Madame Expansée Stool an imaginative deviation from the refined and rational architectural concept. Stuffed with soft polyurethane foam, the plump and plushy pieces assume more casualness in the bold colors of purple and blue.