Designer Joost Gehem Creates Stools Out of Dead People's Belongings

 - Jan 16, 2013
References: joostgehemdesign & fastcodesign
It is easy to forget that discarded objects can come from a myriad of places; designer Joost Gehem focuses on dead people's places. Although that might be a little morbid, it is more disgusting to think about how many things that are thrown out with every death. Joost Gehem states that in the Netherlands alone "135,000 deaths, 32,000 divorces, 10,000 bankruptcies, and thousands of hospitalizations occur each year." He goes on to note, "Many household inventories are left without a home. If heirs and dealers have no interest in the household goods, they usually end up in the local dump."

Founding the Transformation and Distribution Centre for Abandoned Household Items, Joost Gehem provides a better place for these neglected items. Of course, they are ground and turned into stools, but at least they find another purpose in life.